Corporate philosophy

At Budelmann Elektronik we work together on the basis of common values. These are decisive for our actions in the company, but also beyond. This applies, for example, to cooperation with customers, suppliers and other partners. We commit ourselves to aligning our actions with these principles and to measure our actions against them.
We assume responsibility: If we notice a problem, we solve it, even if we are not formally responsible for it. In the case of mistakes, we are not looking for a culprit, but for a way to limit the impact of the error and avoid similar errors in the future. This means that we immediately discuss mistakes with all those who can help with the analysis. Taking responsibility also includes reliability: We always handle our tasks in such a way that we can pass them on to the next colleague without hesitation. The benchmark is that we always prepare the results of our work (even internally) in such a way that they could leave the house without hesitation and be presented to a customer. This is a sign of appreciation towards our colleagues, who must continue to work with these results. Responsibility also means individual responsibility: We inform our colleagues about changes or news. At the same time, however, we actively ask if we feel that we have missed something and do not withdraw to the position “I didn't know anything about that”.
We stick together: Every individual person has his or her role in the company and contributes to our common success. We recognize that everyone makes an individual contribution with the use of his or her talents and specializations. However, this also means that each individual is aware of his responsibility towards the company and his colleagues and actively passes on knowledge. Knowledge becomes valuable only if it is shared and further developed by many minds. That is why we take for granted: Who asks for help or asks a question, will readily be helped. We will fully explain to him what we know and what is important for the respective issue. We also help ourselves across department boundaries. No one’s too bad to help with an inventory or take the garbage outside if the worst comes to the worst.
We're honest: We can trust each other. If we are asked for discretion, you can rely on our integrity and loyalty. To be honest also means to be open to criticism. We offer constructive criticism and take it gratefully. Because this is the only way we can evolve. We respect each other and communicate with each other in an appreciative way. This also means being honest with oneself and recognizing where one’s own strengths and, above all, one’s own weaknesses lie. We recognize and value the expertise of our colleagues.
Continuous change is part of our DNA: For us, it is clear: Nothing remains as it was. We improve our processes by constantly reviewing them. We also change professionally and personally. Any new project, but also changes in the political environment, can make it necessary to continue training in the short term. The company is also constantly changing in terms of its offer and its customers. This is nothing bad for us. On the contrary: We are growing in processes of change. We like to learn new things and do everything we can to remove barriers of not-knowing within the company. We do not accept barriers of not-willing. No matter how we change, our goal is always to achieve the best result. We do not define our work as marking time, but rather we take pleasure in delivering the best possible performance.