Quality assurance for manual assembly

In the 8th issue of the professional journal “Elektronik Praxis” Jeannine Budelmann, CEO of Budelmann Elektronik GmbH, shows how manual assembly stays future-proof. Up to now, manual assembly of electronic boards has been rather arduous and error-prone. Equipped with a new software and smart glasses Budelmann Elektronik fights against assembly mistakes. The software’s biggest advantage is its augmented efficiency: It generates a reasonable sequence for the optimal placement of the components. Those who ask themselves if such a highly complex software can be used in real work life may be interested in the positive results of the respective research project. Due to the intuitive use, the software guides assembly staff safely through the assembly process and makes a quick job training possible. If mistakes happen during the assembly process, the software identifies and marks them automatically. This is how the software guarantees not only a high quality of assembly, but also quality assurance in real time.

For those who do not want to miss out on this innovation, the entire article can be found here: Qualitätssicherung durch den Einsatz von Datenbrillen im Handbestückungsprozess