Network Companies Integrate Refugees

More than 300 companies from all over Germany are founding members of “NETWORK Companies Integrate Refugees”. One of them is Budelmann Elektronik, one of four founding members from Münster. The website went online on 3rd March and was presented by the Federal Minister of Economics Sigmar Gabriel and the president of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DIHK), Dr. Eric Schweitzer. The network’s function is to support companies which plan to employ refugees. Companies will find information on legal questions, integration initiatives and voluntary commitment as well as practical tips concerning apprenticeships and employment. The platform was set up to connect companies and let them exchange experiences.

It is a personal matter to Jeannine Budelmann to integrate refugees into the labor market: “Our company wants to commit to offering refugees a professional perspective”. Next to increasing professional competences, working together promotes language skills and cultural knowledge. With this, integration is made much easier compared to solely taking language and integration courses. Obviously there is no patent solution. However, if both sides are committed to giving their best, the successfully completed internship can lead to an apprenticeship or permanent employment. During these processes the network offers substantial support for companies.