Choose Future Now

November 4 – 18, 2015 member companies of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce will elect a new plenary assembly. Jeannine Budelmann is competing in group I Industry in the district of Münster. In the next six years she would like to shape local economic topics and advocate a dynamic and open Chamber.

The Chambers face harsh criticism which often ignores how important they are to the regional economy: They ensure apprenticeships and advocate industry-related topics in a way single enterprises would not be able to do. Simultaneously Chambers are requested to open up more. Hence it is necessary that new faces become part of the plenary assembly to give small, medium-sized and young companies the possibility to take part in the opinion-forming process. Jeannine Budelmann wants to assume responsibility in order to give a voice to companies that have not been represented in regional committees before.

It is important to her that companies regain a positive image and credibility. Only in dialog with society can one build up and keep the necessary trust which allows an employer-friendly legislation. Living up to the concept of honorable businessman is a personal matter for her.