Women in leading positions

“Primarily I am a citizen and an entrepreneur and I don’t believe that my gender influences what I achieve or do not achieve”, Jeannine Budelmann already told the Wirtschaftsspiegel (magazine of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce North Westphalia) at the beginning of 2014. Facing the debate concerning the quota of women in companies the first woman leading the Junior Chamber North Westphalia was asked for a statement. “The women’s quota hinders the emancipation of women”, Budelmann says. It doesn’t change the reasons for the small number of women in leading positions. Moreover, women’s issues are social issues which affect both men and women. Promoting women doesn’t mean men would be dicriminated against.

The entire article “Women leading the way” can be found in the Wirtschaftsspiegel IHK Nord Westfalen 05/2015 from page 12.

Interview: Women in leading positions