First Chairwoman of the JCI North Westphalia

Jeannine Budelmann has been elected the first chairwoman of the JCI in the district of North Westphalia. The members of the Junior Chamber International Germany are young entrepreneurs from all economic sectors, who shape their environment, by placing trust in honorable entrepreneurship, valuing professional as well as family life, investing in education and acting highly innovative and conscious of the available resources.

Being interviewed by the magazine of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce North Westphalia, she emphasizes how she lives these values and which aims she sets for her time as a chairwoman. It is important to Mrs. Budelmann to bridge the gap between society and economy but to approach each other open-mindedly, stay in touch with each other and solve societal problems together. After having been involved in the working committee for Management and Leadership, Jeannine Budelmann wants to support current projects and win new members, but also promote an exchange between industry and culture during her term.