We are specialized in embedded systems: We develop customized electronic solutions for our customers according to their needs, from compact microcontroller-assemblies to complex industrial PCs. We gathered experiences from many man-years of development that we use to the advantage of our customers. Our electronics are as diverse as the business sectors our customers are coming from, e. g. industrial, automation, medical and measurement technology as well as banking or retail.

For our customers we develop and produce electronic solutions from one hand, from single assemblies to entire systems. This includes optimal casing, power supply and wiring of the components. During the development stage it is one of our priorities to create a design suitable for production. Only if all subcomponents are perfectly aligned we can create an ideal solution concerning technical and financial aspects.

Because of our in-house production and long-term business relations with associated partners we are able to supply our customers on short notice: with prototypes as well as with entire series.