Budelmann Elektronik

We are passionate about electronic systems. Whenever things seem complicated and creative solutions are needed, we accept the challenge and set all wheels in motion to find an optimal solution for our customer. You can rely on us when standard products are not sufficient because of financial reasons or reasons of performance or space. Passion is not the only success factor for the development and manufacture of new systems: Our interdisciplinary team is able to react fast and flexibly to inquiries even on short notice.

Crucial for our work is communication between our customers and us to fully understand which process our electronic and software will have to optimize. Most of the times we find new solutions during the planning stage that are even better than the ones originally considered.

However, we do not only consider electronics and software during the development stage, but also take aspects of mechanics and design into consideration. Hence the reason we also give our customers advice on optimal casing and appropriate additional components.

During the development stage it is one of our priorities to create a design suitable for production. Manufacture takes places in our in-house production site or at assorted partner companies. We also carry out certifications and write documentations. With us, you will get everything from a single source.

We do not only develop electronics, we passionately solve your problems, at least the ones concerning electronics and software!