Increasing the degree of automation

For reasons of quality and cost, manual activities are reduced to the greatest possible extend within electronics production. In his current design tip for ELEKTRONIK PRAXIS, Dr. Christoph Budelmann describes the possibilities available to achieve stable solder joints using the advantages of surface mounted devices. To be read in issue 8 2021 or online.

BGA fanout routing

In the current issue of ELEKTRONIK PRAXIS, Managing Director Dr. Christoph Budelmann explains the possibilities for BGA fanout routing. The current design tip can be found in issue 7 of ELEKTRONIK PRAXIS and online.

Manufacturing specific electronics design

In the new column for ELEKTRONIK Praxis, Dr. Christoph Budelmann describes pitfalls and solutions for the design of printed circuit boards. In the current issue, the expert for manufacturing specific electronics development deals with the optimal panel setup. During v-scoring and milling of panels avoidable errors in electronics design are often revealed, resulting in high consequential costs or loss of quality.

WDR Westpol Eins zu eins

Our managing director Jeannine Budelmann was a guest at WDR Westpol Eins zu eins. With Anke Plättner she discussed the question: How does the economy get back on track? The key message was: The problems caused by the Corona measures are no longer bearable. Politics must take into account a wide range of perspectives when making decisions. SMEs, young businesses and working parents are insufficiently heard. You can find the full interview here:

Phoenix round talk

How does the economy get back on track? In the Phoenix Round, Managing Director Jeannine Budelmann discussed this with association and media representatives. Her clear statement: The economy needs reliability and a clear perspective of opening quickly. You can see the entire broadcast here:—wie-kommt-die-wirtschaft-wieder-in-gang-a-1980805.html