Business Denglish

The English language is undoubtedly one of the most important in our business world. But sometimes anglicisms are also counterproductive. Our managing director Jeannine Budelmann describes in her current column for Markt und Mittelstand what the overload of German texts with English terms can lead to.

Vapor phase soldering or reflow?

Convection soldering is today the prevailing soldering process. For technically demanding assemblies, however, it is worth considering the advantages of condensation soldering. Managing Director Dr. Christoph Budelmann describes the different procedures in his current article in issue 15/16 of ELEKTRONIK PRAXIS.

Trainees back to school!

Closures of schools have not only had a devastating effect on pupils from general schools. Vocational students also spend a relevant part of their training at the vocational school. These have been equally limited in the past one and a half years without any public interest. Managing Director Jeannine Budelmann describes the impact on the quality of vocational training and thus on the largest capital of our society in DIE WELT. Her claim is clear: Leave the schools open!

Component scarcity in the Cicero

We encounter electronic components unconsciously every day in a variety of ways. How much we depend on these small parts has become more and more evident during the last few months. Due to fires in some plants, trade restrictions and increased demand for consumer electronics during the Corona pandemic many of these small parts become scarce. Managing Director Jeannine Budelmann spoke to the Cicero about the impact on the German electronics industry. The enlightening text can be found in the July 2021 edition of the Cicero.