Research project NEOBIO

Scientists and developers from Budelmann Elektronik collaborate with the University of Applied Siences in Münster and the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf in the context of a new research project. The aim of the project NEOBIO (co-funded by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture) is the significant increase of the efficiency of biogas plants through the fluidic optimization of the mixing process. Thus the energy demand can be lowered while the gas output can be augmented.

Conjoint Innovation

Heterogeneous teams offer the best solutions for a given problem. This is true not only for the heads of huge internet corporations, but also for small and medium-sized companies. Newest research results show that looking at a problem from a maximum number of different perspectives leads towards innovative solutions. Consequently, the most important aspect to consider is the team composition. Read more on this issue in the latest column by Dr. Christoph Budelmann. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions and suggestions!


By the end of the year you will find us in our new premises in the Hansa Business Park in Münster. Our new building is located closely to our old premises:

Kopenhagener Str. 11, 48163 Münster

All other contact data remain the same. Due to relocation we’re only partially available from December 17 to January 11. Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to doing business with you in 2019 and further mutual projects.

26th FED Conference

During the 26th FED Conference 2018 in Bamberg managing director Jeannine Budelmann will give a speech on “Optimized manual mounting of circuit boards using data glasses - Practical experience report on the research project OptED”. This year, the event hosted by the Fachverband für Design, Leiterplatten- und Elektronikfertigung focuses on design and manufacturing processes for smart electronics. Key points are multifunctional circuit boards as well as three-dimensional integrated circuit packaging.

Innovation for Slackers

To bring about change that might be unpleasant at first but helps surviving on the market in the long run can especially be difficult for small and medium sized companies. However, innovation actually pays off. Even if the current product range promises high turnover and profits in the present economic climate companies should consider innovations concerning their products and production. Innovation does not always mean product modification. In vending it can also aim at development strategies, up-to-date platforms and professionalized production processes.

Internet of Things Congress

At the congress “Internet of Things – From Sensor to Cloud” taking place in Munich October 25th, Jeannine Budelmann will discuss “Augmented reality glasses connected to ERP systems to optimize manual mounting of circuit boards”. As the managing director of Budelmann Elektronik (specialized in customized hard and software solutions), she is aware of difficulties during manual assembly. “Manual assembly of circuit boards is prone to mistakes on several levels. Sometimes it can be difficult to place the last component between two already mounted ones.