Quarantine bureaucracy

The new system for the settlement of the quarantining of unvaccinated employees is a disaster for the companies. Companies must, in the event of a case, make an enormous effort to find out whether the employee concerned could not have been vaccinated for health reasons. However, in order to be able to assess this, the professional expertise is lacking.

Interview at the ARD MOMA

What does the German economy currently need most? Managing director Jeannine Budelmann asked Olaf Scholz these and other questions on 15.9.21. She slipped into the role of journalist Michael Strempel, who is responsible for the political interviews in the morning magazine and sounded the chancellor candidate out. The whole interview is available here:

Animals in the office

Dogs are cuddly, often spread a good mood and through regular walks they ensure that their owners are constantly in motion. This is healthy. For many people, dogs in the office have tangible side effects though. Managing Director Jeannine Budelmann describes in her current column for WirtschaftsWoche which effects there are and why there is no room for animals in our offices.

Business Denglish

The English language is undoubtedly one of the most important in our business world. But sometimes anglicisms are also counterproductive. Our managing director Jeannine Budelmann describes in her current column for Markt und Mittelstand what the overload of German texts with English terms can lead to.

Vapor phase soldering or reflow?

Convection soldering is today the prevailing soldering process. For technically demanding assemblies, however, it is worth considering the advantages of condensation soldering. Managing Director Dr. Christoph Budelmann describes the different procedures in his current article in issue 15/16 of ELEKTRONIK PRAXIS.