Corona regulations in the workplace

For many employers, the sudden introduction of the new corona regulations in the workplace has raised problems that need to be solved in the short term. Daily checks of tests are difficult to manage, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. Managing director Jeannine Budelmann has written down what to do instead for WirtschaftsWoche.

Are bosses allowed to curse?

According to common opinion, managers must always have their emotions under control, be neutral and objective and must not allow themselves to make mistakes. In theory, perfectionism certainly is a desirable goal. But it is better for mental health if leaders and their employees are aware that everyone can make mistakes. This brings relieve for people and subsequently leads to more respect than constant role playing.

Success on the whole line

A fully automated assembly line is really impressive. But to ensure the best possible quality at the end of the line, one should also deal with the topic of solder paste printing. Dr. Christoph Budelmann explains the possibilities of state-of-the-art technology and how to optimally combine them in his current design tip for ELEKTRONIK PRAXIS. To be read in issue 21.

Make or buy?

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, international supply chains have been disrupted. This also applies to the electronics industry. Managing director Jeannine Budelmann has written down in her current column for Markt und Mittelstand why one should not bring back all parts of the value chain hastily. In this context, awareness of one’s core competencies is the utmost importance.

WDR Lokalzeit

Bottlenecks in supply chains for electronic components lead to major challenges for the industry. In an interview with WDR Lokalzeit, Managing Director Dr. Christoph Budelmann explained how we are dealing with this problem and what solutions we have. In this situation, creativity is as much in demand as patience.

Phoenix round talk

What can we expect from a potential traffic light coalition? Managing director Jeannine Budelmann discussed this with Jan Fleischhauer, Gero Neugebauer and Ulrike Herrmann in the Phoenix round talk. Given great differences with regards to content between the potential coalition partners, it remains to be hoped that the results will bring more than compromise formulas.