Gamification for the vending industry

Even though the topic of gamification is not the first one to come to mind during a brainstorming about vending machines – in this analog world there are many potentials that can be exploited! On the one hand, it is the nature of competition that technological developments gradually enter all areas of life, especially because customers expect this. On the other hand, gamification can help to realize turnover potentials easily that have not been exploited so far.

Young economy

Managing Director Jeannine Budelmann now also places new topics relevant to young entrepreneurs in the magazine Markt und Mittelstand. In the section of strategy and personnel, her column on topics of the young economy will be published in the future. This time it was about a respectful cooperation. Read more in the current issue of Markt und Mittelstand!
Published in Markt und Mittelstand, issue February 2020.

Member of the “Board Europe“

Jeannine Budelmann was appointed to the newly initiated DIHK “Board Europe”. On the European level she will represent the DIHK (Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce) at politico-economic events and be in contact with European Institutions, together with about 25 other high-ranking representatives from the German IHKs. Budelmann Elektronik’s CEO is confident of her new role: “I am convinced that a more intense dialogue between economy and politics is important on all levels.

Quality assurance for manual assembly

In the 8th issue of the professional journal “Elektronik Praxis” Jeannine Budelmann, CEO of Budelmann Elektronik GmbH, shows how manual assembly stays future-proof. Up to now, manual assembly of electronic boards has been rather arduous and error-prone. Equipped with a new software and smart glasses Budelmann Elektronik fights against assembly mistakes.

EMC – the invisible ghost

The development of electronics used to be relatively simple because the existing components were less integrated and complex. In earlier days, people could repair a radio themselves, but today you will not be able to do so without having completed a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. The rising complexity can also be seen in the testing of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). For instance, small changes in the cable routing can be crucial for the question if a device can pass the respective test.

EMS-day 2019

On the occasion of the 17th EMS-day in Würzburg, Jeannine Budelmann gave a speech about quality management in the electronics manufacturing process on 4.7.2019. The expert reported on the results of a research project where AR-glasses were tested that were programmed to support the manual assembly of electronic systems.

If you are interested in the talk and the other topics that the lecturers of the EMS-day work and do research on in their respective companies, you will find more information on the homepage of the conference: