We are hiring!

Software and hardware developers (m/f/d) who like to work in an interdisciplinary way are just right with us. We develop technologically sophisticated solutions for our customers. Our team is just as diverse as our customer projects. We are happy about applications from people who like to take responsibility, learn new things again and again, and change things! We also need support in our manufacturing department. Anyone with experience in the production of electronic assemblies and logical thinking for troubleshooting is welcome.

Quarantine chaos

Quarantine was not only important from the point of view of health protection in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. It was also legally relevant for companies and their employees: If an employee was healthy and able to work during quarantine, loss of earnings could be reimbursed. Now, however, political and health authorities have given up. There is no more contact investigation and therefore hardly anyone is sent to quarantine.

Problems within supply chains

WDR Profit reported on the still predominant problems in the supply chains of the electronics industry. Our managing director Jeannine Budelmann provided insights into our daily business. Supply chain problems still hit many of our customers very hard. You can also listen to the interview online at WDR.

Relationships in the company

The Reichelt scandal has led to discussions on the issue of relationships in the workplace. But this is not the real problem, says managing director Jeannine Budelmann in her column for Markt und Mittelstand. Because relationships are problematic whenever a power imbalance is exploited. At Budelmann Elektronik there is no room for it. And that’s how it should stay!

Corona regulations in the workplace

For many employers, the sudden introduction of the new corona regulations in the workplace has raised problems that need to be solved in the short term. Daily checks of tests are difficult to manage, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. Managing director Jeannine Budelmann has written down what to do instead for WirtschaftsWoche.

Are bosses allowed to curse?

According to common opinion, managers must always have their emotions under control, be neutral and objective and must not allow themselves to make mistakes. In theory, perfectionism certainly is a desirable goal. But it is better for mental health if leaders and their employees are aware that everyone can make mistakes. This brings relieve for people and subsequently leads to more respect than constant role playing.