Courage against powerlessness

Strategic realignment, tidying up, and getting rid of ballast – that was our recipe against the lockdown’s paralysis of the economy. Here is Jeannine Budelmann’s current contribution in ELEKTRONIK PRAXIS to the question of what companies can do in such times: https://www.elektronikpraxis.vogel.de/mut-gegen-machtlosigkeit-und-zukunft-selbst-gestalten-a-987323/?fbclid=IwAR0ysNd7_qH63FsTlRWlIgfTv9HQvlnJroFUi3b9QiOXhbGICXKL2ponHAI

Wearables at the Electronica Conference

Dr. Christoph Budelmann explains in his talk at the Electronica Conference on November 12, 2020, which pitfalls have to be taken into consideration when designing wearables and how to deal with them. He also focuses on new fields of application from a technical point of view. Click here to register: Http://my.electronica.de/de/rahmenprogramm/information/veranstaltungskalender/index.php/mmg/eventdatabase/de/detail/23178/ELE2020A?type=eventdatabase

Digitalization and further training

Constant change is at the heart of the success of companies that are able to adapt dynamically to changing environmental conditions. Employees constantly questioning themselves and their work are crucial for these companies. In her current column in issue 10/2020 of markt & wirtschaft Westfalen, Jeannine Budelmann describes how this can be organized.

New Work

In her current column for Markt und Mittelstand, Jeannine Budelmann discusses which internal structures need to be changed in order to remain competitive in the current situation. Above all it is important to question existing structures and to evaluate new approaches. Especially the implementation of structural changes takes time and a good communicative framework. So: Get to the encrusted structures! Creativity and innovation thrive only with a changed mindset.

Talk on Phoenix

Managing Director Jeannine Budelmann was a guest on Phoenix on the topic “Economy in Corona times – Is the worst yet to come?”. She called for a greater involvement of (young) entrepreneurs in bodies that advise politicians in the current situation. The entire broadcast can be found here: https://www.phoenix.de/sendungen/gespraeche/phoenix-runde/wirtschaft-in-corona-zeiten--kommt-das-dicke-ende-noch-a-1817270.html?ref=suche.

New Work

Openness to change, incorporating proposals from the entire company, admitting errors and allocating tasks on the basis of competences (not status) are key factors for success in the changing working environment. The current column by Jeannine Budelmann on the topic can be found in issue 9/2020 of markt & wirtschaft westfalen.

Raising growth potential

From 0 to almost 300 employees within only four years as a medium-sized company without a start-up mentality? One of our customers in the B2B sector has done this. In her current column for Markt und Mittelstand Jeannine Budelmann describes how to set the course for growth.

Published in Markt and Mittelstand, issue september 2020.

Supply chain law

Jeannine Budelmann discussed the dangers to the German economy in an interview with Represent (funk). Procurement processes in the electronics industry are much more complex than, for example, in textile processing. As an industrial medium-sized company, we want supply chains that comply with human rights. However, some necessary components cannot be extracted in Germany. At the same time, politics and society demand digitization and industry 4.0. But effective global standards must be applied worldwide and must be designed and enforced by policymakers. We are ready for dialogue!

Green Economy

The desire for a sustainable life for oneself and others is increasingly becoming visible to the public. In her current column for Markt und Mittelstand Jeannine Budelmann discusses the different trends within green economy. Even as a medium-sized company small and large steps can be taken in order to achieve more sustainability. From LED lighting to close to nature greening there is a wide range of options:

Published in Markt und Mittelstand, issue August 2020.

Academic degrees

In times of flat hierarchies and increased responsibility of each individual employee, the view of academic titles also changes within companies. What is important is the ability of employees to constantly develop and want to take on new tasks. In this context a title is good, but not necessary. Here is the current column by Jeannine Budelmann on the modern views on academic laureateship!

Published in Markt und Mittelstand, issue June 2020.

Rules of succession

When handing over a company, it is crucial to find the right time to let go. This is particularly important when a generational change brings with it a different style of leadership. Read the current column by Jeannine Budelmann for Markt und Mittelstand about the pitfalls at handovers!
Published in Markt und Mittelstand, issue May 2020.

Name Corona Damages

“When you meet with us in Westphalia, conversations often start like this: "Und?" "Muss...”. Everything is often said with that. We are not considered chatty. At the moment, I have the feeling that the majority of German entrepreneurs is from Westphalia." A powerful appeal by our managing director Jeannine Budelmann to clearly name the problems caused by the corona-related restrictions in the German economy.

Corona appeal

Our society can only remain free and open if the current restrictions are withdrawn as soon as possible. In her current column for Markt und Mittelstand, Jeannine Budelmann describes the dramatic situation of entrepreneurs in the current, existence-threatening situation.

Published in Markt und Mittelstand, issue April 2020.

Gamification for the vending industry

Even though the topic of gamification is not the first one to come to mind during a brainstorming about vending machines – in this analog world there are many potentials that can be exploited! On the one hand, it is the nature of competition that technological developments gradually enter all areas of life, especially because customers expect this. On the other hand, gamification can help to realize turnover potentials easily that have not been exploited so far.

Young economy

Managing Director Jeannine Budelmann now also places new topics relevant to young entrepreneurs in the magazine Markt und Mittelstand. In the section of strategy and personnel, her column on topics of the young economy will be published in the future. This time it was about a respectful cooperation. Read more in the current issue of Markt und Mittelstand!
Published in Markt und Mittelstand, issue February 2020.