A different kind of cash disposal

Increasing fees for withdrawing cash from ATMs is an ongoing issue. More and more banks also are reducing their opening hours making it even more inconvenient for customers to get cash. Christoph Budelmann proposes a countermovement in his latest column for the Vending Management: Equipping new vending machines with cash withdrawal functionality. Suggesting this, he picks up on the basic idea of his previous column: One has too much cash and needs to pay for its disposal; the other one doesn’t have it but needs it. With this, the acquisition of cash becomes less time consuming and will no longer be tied to increasing bank fees. Thus, cash is made available where it is needed. Technically speaking, vending machines can be updated easily. This scenario is especially interesting for vending machines with high cash reserves. Ticket vending machines which offer suitable locations as well as the needed technology to update them immediately come to mind. Who wouldn’t like to withdraw cash fast, easily and inexpensively?

The entire article was published in Vending Management 04/2016