In-company integration of refugees

The network event “Companies integrate refugees” took place on July 7. Speakers from different institutions informed the audience about in-company integration of refugees
Along with representatives from the local job agency and the foreigners’ registration office Jeannine Budelmann was invited to share her experience. ”We offer an entry qualification to a refugee, which runs over the course of a year. Three times a week he works in our company, two times a week he takes language lessons”, the CEO tells the audience.
An apprenticeship afterwards is intended. However, sufficient language acquisition is a necessity. Thus, offering an entry qualification is an adequate tool to train refugees and improve their knowledge of the German language when combined with vocational training and visiting a language school. “All in all, offering an entry qualification was a good experience that we can definitely recommend”, Jeannine Budelmann sums up.
At the end of the event, the numerous entrepreneurs participating had the chance to exchange experiences. In addition, representatives from the local job agency, counselling services and local integration initiatives provided information on the employment of refugees.
If you as a small or medium-sized company are also interested in employing a refugee or taking part in voluntary work, feel free to check out the network’s homepage or contact us!