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Jeannine Budelmann discusses digitization with Garrelt Duin, economics minister of North Rhine-Westphalia

Last Friday Jeannine Budelmann participated in a panel debate discussing the topic digitization. In discussion with economics minister Duin, Jochen Köhnke (candidate for mayor of Münster, running for the Social Democratic Party) and Timo Broek (media company Aschendorff), Jeannine Budelmann was able to represent the point of view of a medium-sized electronics company. The entrepreneur emphasized that universities have a shortage of specialists for digitization. Therefore, students and qualified professionals lack knowledge of fundamental principles of digital media.

Automatic facial recognition for vending machines

In his regular column for the Vending Management magazine Christoph Budelmann writes about technical novelties for vending machines. In the current issue he talks about embedded modules for automatic facial recognition. It sounds like science fiction: Vending machines that are able to recognize faces and gestures and personal features like age, gender and mood. New embedded modules process facial expression, direction of sight and blink rate. This feature allows a better human-machine-interaction and also helps analyzing customer flows which can be supportive in increasing sales.

Talk of the day: Inventiveness

The radio show “Talk of the Day” broadcasted by the Bavarian Broadcasting Company discusses a current topic daily. “From Youth science competition “Jugend forscht” to a start-up company: How do we promote inventiveness?” was on the agenda on May 25, 2015. Among others the physicist and former astronaut Prof. Dr. Ulrich Walter provides answers to host Achim Bogdahn’s questions. Christoph Budelmann gets interviewed as well: He answers questions about his “Jugend forscht” victory ten years ago, his professional career and his entrepreneurial activities.

Women in leading positions

“Primarily I am a citizen and an entrepreneur and I don’t believe that my gender influences what I achieve or do not achieve”, Jeannine Budelmann already told the Wirtschaftsspiegel (magazine of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce North Westphalia) at the beginning of 2014. Facing the debate concerning the quota of women in companies the first woman leading the Junior Chamber North Westphalia was asked for a statement. “The women’s quota hinders the emancipation of women”, Budelmann says. It doesn’t change the reasons for the small number of women in leading positions.

Displays may vary!

In his regular column for the Vending Management magazine, Christoph Budelmann discusses technical innovations for vending machines. In the current issue he talks about IPS-displays. These displays offer some advantages over regular TN-displays. In comparison they have a smaller angle dependency and bolder colors. Thus, it is also possible to operate the vending machine even with direct sunlight exposure or from a lower angle, e. g. convenient for wheelchair users. Our customers already use IPS-displays successfully and are able to offer a real advantage to end customers.

Science television program nanon (3sat) visits with Budelmann Elektronik

In 2005 Christoph Budelmann won the German youth science contest ”Jugend forscht“ on the federal level in the field of technology. Ten years later the science television program nano visits three former winners and talks about their professional careers. During the interview at Budelmann Elektronik’s office he talks about how the victory influenced his personal and professional development. What remains is the willingness to work thoroughly on a problem and find an appropriate solution.