Specialist presentation at Embedded World Conference

Within the scope of the Embedded World Conference, Managing Director Christoph Budelmann talks about “Bringing IoT into Harsh Environments: Security and Reliability with Optical power and Data Transmission for Ultra-Low Power Sensor Nodes”. His presentation on March 14 provides information on the development of low-cost sensor nodes which are powered by optical fibers and exchange data. The new approach is based on low energy circuits as well as energy harvesting principles.

Network Meeting: “Learning German quickly”

In the beginning of December 2016, Jeannine Budelmann was invited by the network “Companies integrate refugees” – which operates nationwide – to participate in an expert panel. During the first network meeting in Berlin the managing director of Budelmann Elektronik GmbH talked about “Vocational-oriented language learning”. According to Budelmann, learning the language is crucial to manage work and daily life and is not always easy in the beginning. In her own firm she introduced a proven concept for refugees combining two days of language school with three days in the company.

A different kind of cash disposal

Increasing fees for withdrawing cash from ATMs is an ongoing issue. More and more banks also are reducing their opening hours making it even more inconvenient for customers to get cash. Christoph Budelmann proposes a countermovement in his latest column for the Vending Management: Equipping new vending machines with cash withdrawal functionality. Suggesting this, he picks up on the basic idea of his previous column: One has too much cash and needs to pay for its disposal; the other one doesn’t have it but needs it.

Cash – the German’s dearest friend

While it is perfectly normal in other countries to pay small amounts with your mobile phone or credit card, Germans still tend to prefer paying cash. What does this mean for the vending sector? In his current column for the Vending Management magazine Christoph Budelmann presents his idea of upgrading vending machines with an authentication device that allows cooperating retailers to deposit bills and to receive cash in return. The advantage: Retailers don’t have to obtain their cash through a bank or a CiT company which can be rather pricey.

Just take the plunge

According to this motto, Budelmann Elektronik GmbH is involved in the “Network Companies integrate Refugees”. During one of the last network meetings Jeannine Budelmann was asked which advice she would give to companies which are interested in integrating refugees: You just have to “take the plunge” to employ a refugee. The “Network Companies integrate Refugees” eventually borrowed this clear and simple statement and used it for their postcard campaign.