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Jeannine Budelmann briefs Members of the state parliament of North Rhine Westphalia on Industry 4.0

Last Saturday Jeannine Budelmann was invited by the working committee for economy of the state of North Rhine Westphalia where she informed local and regional politicians of the Green Party about the opportunities and obstacles of Industry 4.0 She stated that small and medium-sized companies need to be supported and tangible examples need to be made in order to show how Industry 4.0 can improve internal processes. Furthermore, Jeannine Budelmann emphasized that digitization does not only mean broadband expansion.

Electronic sales data read-out

In the world of vending machines a paper published by the ministry of finance creates confusion: Storage of digital records on cash transactions supposedly comes into effect in 2017, requiring modifications in software and construction. The paper has been published on November 26, 2010 by the German federal ministry of finance and refers to cash registers, scales with register functions, taximeters and odometers. We asked the ministry which effect the writing has on our customers’ products.

The entire article was published in Vending Management 04/2015

Choose Future Now

November 4 – 18, 2015 member companies of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce vote a new plenary assembly. Jeannine Budelmann competes in group I Industry in the district of Münster. In the next six years she would like to shape local economic topics and advocate a dynamic and open Chamber.

Sensor suit being tested in science TV show

Under the lead of Budelmann Elektronik a research group developed a sensor suit called SIRKA. This suit is being developed for employees working in dockyards and emergency services. It helps to recognize physical overload and points out alternative motion patterns. Integrated sensors measure the movements of its bearer and give a warning during harming movements. For a TV report for a German science television program (“Wissen vor 8 Zukunft”) the suit and its functionality are being tested.

A simple upgrade for vending machines

In his regular column for the Vending Management magazine Christoph Budelmann writes about technical novelties for vending machines. In the current issue he talks about capacitive sensors and how they can easily upgrade vending machines. Mechanical buttons are slowly vanishing in many technical products and business sectors. However, often they are still used in vending machines. With time they become unsightly and worn and do the overall impression of the machine no good. The solution: Capacitive sensors which can be installed underneath a metal sheet.