Kleine Stückzahl – großer Preis?

Mass Customization, also die kundenspezifische Massenproduktion, ist längst nicht nur im Consumer-Bereich Realität. Auch im B2B-Bereich werden kleine Stückzahlen immer häufiger angefragt. Doch wie kann man diese als Hersteller zu attraktiven Preisen produzieren?

ITL Handelspartner

Seit dem Frühjahr 2018 ist Budelmann Elektronik offizieller Handelspartner von Innovative Technology Ltd. – kurz ITL – für den französischen Markt. ITL ist eines der führenden Unternehmen im Bereich Geldverarbeitungskomponenten. Zur Produktpalette gehören Banknotenleser, Banknotenrecycler, Multi-Münz-Hopper sowie Ticket- und Coupon-Drucker.

Apprentice for a day

“Circuit board”, “SMD component”, “wave soldering system” – all these terms as well as their meaning Abdul learns about today. The 20-year-old Syrian attends “One day apprentice”. The event organized by the Junior Chamber International Germany (JCI) addresses people from twelve to 26 years who have difficulties positioning themselves on the employment and training market and is part of the alliance “1000 Chances”.

Cyber-attacks on coffee dispensers

In his current column for Vending Management Magazine Dr. Christoph Budelmann discusses how cyber-attacks do not only compromise data centers but can also affect inter-linked coffee dispensers and vending machines. In issue 04/2017 you learn about which security measures for set-up and remote maintenance have to be installed to protect smart vending machines from cyber-attacks. Which operator would like his coffee dispenser or vending machine pay out the earnings or give out its entire content for free just because security measures have easily been overcome?

A+A-Conference 2017

At A+A -Conference 2017 managing director Dr. Christoph Budelmann will hold a speech in the field of Industry 4.0 about “Sensor work clothes preventing harmful movement patterns in physically demanding occupations”. The A+A Conference is one of the leading events in Germany with respect to occupational safety. It focuses on personal safety matters and occupational health and safety. If you are interested in Dr. Budelmann’s speech, we look forward to welcoming you on Thursday, October 19 at 11:10 am (first floor, room 01). You would like to make an appointment with Dr. Budelmann in advance?

Secure Software

Nobody wants trouble with tax authorities because of insufficient bookkeeping. Thus, it is crucial to use the right software for cash register systems and vending machines. The software should be designed in such a manner that it cannot be reprogrammed and does not use databases that can be modified manually. If this should be the case, however, tax authorities expect evidence for alterations made (programming protocols) which is additional effort for operators. To be on the safe side, only non-manipulative software should be used from the beginning.